TR054CD Asmodeus - Adamant - New album of the styrian black metal band is going to be released at Winter Rituals - The Second Coming on December 1, 2018!

Asmodeus, the austrian black metal band who are celebrating 22 years of existence are part of the Talheim Records roster now.

More than ten years have been passed since the release of their last album "Imperium Damnatum".

Now Asmodeus return with their opus "Adamant".

To honor their work, the first press is going to be released as limited woodpak with burned cover, backside and inside. The CD itself will be black with anthracite colored logo.

There is no booklet included, so we add a special patch for this release.

The woodpak made of plywood is strictly limited to 666 pieces.

Additional longsleeves, t-shirts and girlies will be available.


01. Abyssum
02. Pandemonium Revealed
03. Disorder In Balance
04. Inquisition Feuersturm
05. A Forsaken Enchantment
06. Conspiracy Unleashed
07. The Essence Of Purity
08. An Ode In Bitterness
09. Relinquishment Of A Passion In Blood
10. Delusion


Asmodeus - Conspirancy Unleashed

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